Welcome to SwissIQ

SwissIQ GmbH provides research, development, consulting, support services as well as eastern European staff referral within the Information and Communication Technology sector. Its activities further include the acquisition, management, and controlling of EU research and innovation projects as well as sale and distribution of software and hardware.
SwissIQ GmbH is a business consulting company mainly focusing on technology transfer and business innovation modelling in the fields of Ambient (Active) Assisted Living (AAL), eHealth, mHealth, digitalization and Internet of Things (IoT). Our team has demonstrated exemplary knowledge, leadership skills and a proven track record of management and participation in EU social innovation, research, innovation, development and education projects as well as collaborative actions and initiatives (EU AAL Joint Programme, Horizon 2020, COST, Erasmus+).
Our CEO and co-founder has participated in approximately fifteen EU projects. Several of them have received prestigious European awards and recognitions. Furthermore, he has served as a business development mentor for social innovation start-ups under EU H2020 Biz4All project in 2016 - 2018.
Collaborating with a broad international network of AAL-related stakeholders, experts, marketing professionals, our company focuses on existing and emerging AAL business models. Apart of this SwissIQ GmbH is a provider and a selling dealer of innovative lifestyle AAL, eHealth and IoT products and services in Switzerland, which were co-developed within the research and innovation projects.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you are looking for an experienced EU project coordinator or SME partner from Switzerland. We are here to develop, implement and bring the innovative ideas to success together. We are looking forward to hearing from you.